Samsara Chakra

GENRE: Folk, Classical, New Age and Lounge.

Samsara Chakra is one of the best Nepali instrumental fusion bands with a Nepali/Indian folk and classical base. The band was formed in 2011 and initially consisted of 5 musicians. Samsara Chakra specializes in both live and studio performances and has collaborated with various local and international artists. Its maiden album entitled “Samsara Chakra” created quite a stir in the Nepalese musical fraternity and caught the attention of few international musicians.



Suraj Nepal is an Esraj virtuoso. Esraj is an ancient classical instrument that was once protected and patronized by royal palaces in Nepal and India. With the abolishment of monarchy the tradition of Esraj playing suffered a sharp decline. Consequently, the number of Esraj players in the world can be counted in fingers. Suraj says that he is an ambassador for Esraj and is on a “crusade” to educate the children and youth about his instrument.  Suraj is a graduate in classical music and have teamed up with various international artists. He has numerous albums to his credit.  In 2014 he was the recipient of the prestigious musical scholarship in national theatre of Korea. He is leading samsarachakra band to produce album and is also managing their musical trip and performance. He will be leading Samsara Chakra band during their trip to China.


Umesh Pandit is one of the leading flute players in Nepal. He has collaborated and performed with almost all the top fusion bands in Nepal. His flute playing has been featured in various albums of local and international musicians. Umesh has traveled extensively to Europe and South Asia on musical concerts. 


Laxmi Prasad Dangol is a master Tabala player. He is literally a Tabala guru (master) in one of the leading music University & schools in Nepal, He plays all kinds of Nepali Drums. He’s Involve President of Jayshree Music society & Vice President of Project Baja Nepal. He represented Nepal in various international concerts and collaborated on numerous albums

SAMSARA CHAKRA during their recent concert in Kathmandu: (From Left to Right): Laxmi Prasad Dangol (Tabala), Umesh Pandit (Flute) and Suraj Nepal (Esraj)